S12E1: Everything You Want to Know About Ayurveda with Dr. Avanti Kumar-Singh

“When you come from something you don’t realize how powerful it is until you don’t have it anymore.” That thing is Ayurveda. The mother of all healing systems. No matter your current health practices, it is what you need to integrate into your life. Not exactly sure what it is? We got you! In today’s episode, Dr. Avanti joins Terri and Dr. Dom to show us how the wisdom is already within in you to practice Ayurveda. This is the conversation about finding the balanced healing you didn’t know you needed.

Quote of the Day:

“Health is more than the absence of disease – it’s the presence of harmony within you and with everything around you. I believe everyone can achieve it.”

--Dr. Avanti

Dr. Avanti’s Top 5 Immune Boosting Strategies

  • Get into a daily routine

  • Regular meal time

  • Regular sleep/wake cycle

  • Natural sunlight every day before 10 am

  • Get outside in nature every day

Where to connect with Dr. Avanti:

Website: Dr. Avanti Kumar-Singh

IG: @avantikumarsingh

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