S11E3: How to Make Your Next Career Move Your Best Move with Kimberly Cummings

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Lady, are you mastering what you are doing in your career? Do you enjoy the work you do? Are you continuing to make an impact? Do you have a job or a career? Not sure how to answer any of those questions? No matter your stage in your career, today’s episode is for you! Kimberly Cummings joins Dr. Dom and Terri to share her own career journey and teach us all how to make the next career move the one you have been working toward.

In our “Oh You Clatchet” segment, Kimberly shares some unexpected personal gems.

There are so many quotable gems in this episode. Share your favorite gems with us on social media.

Quote of the Day:

"I am capable of bridging the gap between where I am and where I want to be"

-Kimberly Cummings

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IG: KimBCummings

Book: Next Move Best Move: Transitioning to a Career You’ll Love

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