S9E4: 7 Ways to Become a Better Partner

For this first installment of our 2021 Sexy Self-Love Series, we discuss qualities of a good partner. My love, what qualities are you bringing to the relationship table? Would you date you? What are you doing to make sure you are a healthy happy person? In today’s episode, Dr. Dom and Terri explore some of the complexities around discovering the impact of our presence in relationships. While the tips mentioned are not an exhaustive list, they are a great start to a self assessment. As you tune in to the episode, be sure to scroll down to keep up with the tips.

Quote of the Day:

"In order to maintain a positive and secure relationship and to become a better partner, one should focus on becoming a better person."

-Shamyra Howard-Blackburn, sex and relationship therapist

7 Ways to be a Better Partner:

  1. Have a solid sense of self

  2. Heal from any trauma or past experiences

  3. Learn to communicate honestly, openly, and clearly

  4. Listen

  5. Show, don't tell

  6. Be considerate

  7. Accept your partner for who they are

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