S9E3: The Shadow Side of Success: The Sacrifices Made to Achieve Great Things

What have you done to achieve your goals? Are you willing to make sacrifices, shifts, and changes to get what you want? Having a visceral reaction to the word sacrifice? No, well maybe we’re projecting, lol. Is it possible to be happy while you are sacrificing? How do you know if it is worth it? In today’s episode, join Terri and Dr. Dom as they reflect on their perceptions of sacrifice and their journeys to achieving great things.

Quote of the Day:

"Conviction and Convenience Don't Live on the Same Block."

-Lisa Nichols

Questions we can ask ourselves in the pursuit of our goals:

  1. What am I willing to sacrifice to achieve my goals?

  2. What am I sacrificing and who is it for?

  3. How do I know when my sacrifice is in vain?

  4. How do you know when a sacrifice is bad?

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