S12E5: The Complex Relationship Between Black Women and White Women

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How have your relationships been with white women? Tense? Apprehensive? Complicated? All of those terms are accurate. Or maybe you have not thought too deeply about your relationship with the white women in your lives. In today’s episode, Dr. Dom and Terri dive into the history and complexities of Black women’s interactions with white women. The ladies also provide tips on navigating those relationships. The ultimate goal: PROTECTING BLACK WOMEN!

P.S. This is one aftershow you definitely do not want to miss!

Quote of the Day:

"Their internalized misogyny and (often subconscious) racism teaches them to use the backs of Black women as stairs they need to use to climb closer to the top of the white-male-made hierarchy."

-Savannah Worley

Tips for navigating complex relationships:

  1. Have a level of conscious awareness

  2. Engage in boundary-setting

  3. Identify your support system

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