S8E8: The Unconventional Expat and An Introduction to Shadow Work with Nikhol Rei

Have you considered leaving your life to pursue a different quality of life in another country? In today’s episode Terri and Dom are joined by Nikhol Rei. She takes us on her incredible journey of self exploration growing up on the East Coast of the United States to deciding to leave the US and learning how to live like a local in Honduras and Costa Rica. Along the way she dispels some of the misconceptions about moving to the tropics and shares info on how to make the move as an unprivileged person living off the land. If that were not enlightening enough, Nikhol Rei gives us an informative introduction into the power of shadow work.

Quote of the Day:

"Only in a severely unnatural environment would you have to keep constant tabs on your evolution and be punished for merely EXISTING."

- Nikhol Rei

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