S11E10: Taking Charge of Your Journey with Michelle Blue

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“I can live with failure but I can’t live with regret.” Lady, are you living with regret, or have you taken charge of your journey? The blueprint of your life is yours to create- not your parents, partners, or friends- it is yours. In today’s episode, Dr. Dom and Terri are joined by the extraordinary Michelle Blue as she shares with us how to “go for it” in carving out your own path. While some may only show us the glamorous IG fabulous side of their life, there is beauty to be found in the transparency of the whole picture. Tune in to catch all of Michelle’s gems.

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Quote of the Day:

“There is so much power and growth in the 'Journey'. It's definitely not perfect and sometimes not pretty but that’s what makes us level up and become better versions of ourselves...You got this.

-Michelle Blue

Where to connect with Michelle Blue:

Website: Journey with Blue

IG: @themichelleblue

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