S11E6: How to Cope When a Loved One Has a Mental Illness and Treats You Poorly with Eve Marie

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This episode is a special day in Cultivating H.E.R. Space. In this episode, Terri’s current therapist joins Terri and Dr. Dom for a conversation about navigating life and finding peace when someone in your family is diagnosed with a psychological disorder. With so many of us knowing someone (maybe ourselves) who has anxiety and/or depression, we don’t often talk about those with severe mental illness. This is an episode you didn't know you had been waiting for. Lady, get ready to take notes as Eve Marie, drops some healing gems and “Words of Wisdom.”

Quote of the Day:

“ As humans, we tend to hold onto people and things we have a deep love for. Holding on, in general, is about us trying to have control. We hold on mostly because we don’t want to feel the pain and sadness that come along with letting go, so we do whatever we can to avoid those feelings, but pain and sadness are a part of our human experience.”

-Eve Marie

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