S12E12: What You Need To Know About Web 3.0, Cryptocurrency, and Personal Sovereignty with Daniel DiPiazza

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Bitcoin! Web 3.0! Cryptocurrency! Oh MY! Lady, while these terms may sound foreign, they need to become a part of your daily vocabulary. The evolution of the internet is leading us to all become our own experts in this new technology. Things are moving fast and we don’t want you to miss the train! In today’s episode, Daniel DiPiazza joins Terri and Dr. Dom to define the terms, give us the history, and put us up on game for the future. This is definitely an episode to share with your friends so we can all win!
Quote of the Day:
"Take advantage of the changing guard to even the playing field and collect your coins. This is most likely the biggest opportunity of our lifetime for you to start from absolute zero and create generational wealth through sheer self-education and timing."
-Daniel DiPiazza

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