HER Conversations

by Carol Mae Whittick
Carol Mae Whittick is a Musician, Writer, Speaker and Creator from London. Her latest creative project is a podcast series HER Conversations -Tools for the Awakening. HER is an acronym for Higher Energetic Resonance.

This is the optimal state to embody in order to attract our highest desires. 

What is The Awakening?

This is the moment in time when humanity rises up out of the darkness.

Who is Awakening? 

Souls who rediscovering their sovereignty.

They are seeking a greater possibility in their reality and looking for solutions.

They know being awakened is not a lofty ideal but a necessity.

If they can transform themselves,  they can change the world. 

Guests on HER Conversations will speak to your:




Listen to their stories, hear how they are in service to the world. 

Let their words and these conversations embolden and inspire you. 
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Education