#50 – Bloodstock, We Have A Problem

Last week, Vicky Hungerford, the director of Bloodstock Open Air, the UK's biggest metal festival, used her social media account to tweet about how anyone who included their pronouns in their email signature could expect her to put their emails in the bin. Hell Bent For Metal has to talk about this.

We decided that, while we have to talk about what happened, and why it's bad, for some this week's show, we would rather spend as much time as possible relaying messages from our trans and non-binary friends and listeners about why pronouns matter, and why "pronouns in the bio" (and the like) can be so helpful.

There's also some chat about why subsequent attempts by Vicky Hungerford to calm the ire she'd stoked only served to make things much worse, and about how we see the way forward for a festival whose claim to be a welcoming, inclusive festival has been tarnished.

After all the heavy stuff, there's also a visit to HCGBs at the end, for some fun with Twelve Foot Ninja's album Vengeance, and Blodet's EP Vision. Because nothing counters heavy stuff better than… er… more heavy stuff, apparently.