#43 – Roots Glorious Roots

The LGBT+ heavy metal podcast fondly recalls that time Rammstein's guitarists kissed on stage in Russia, and explains that, coming from that band, and given the location they did it in, this gesture meant more to the hosts than when some other bands have done similar things. And yes, of course they use it as an excuse to talk about the band's infamous phallic foam cannons.

The latest classic metal song to be outed as mega gay is 'Roots Bloody Roots', as the Sepultura anthem is this week's Camp Classic. And there are a surprisingly large list of reasons for it.

Plus this week's entries for the Hate Crew Gaybar jukebox are Aphelion, the new album from Matt's less-than-secret obsession Leprous, and Differences In Language And Lifestyle, the debut album from Croatian genre-ignorers Moon Unit.

And yes, Mr Rushton had to be tied down while the first one of those was discussed. For his and everyone else's safety.