#62 – Czech My Brain

Viktor Palak, host of Modeláři, a radio show in the Czech Republic that specialises in metal (and related genres), chats to Hell Bent For Metal about his experience of being out in metal, how metal has more points of affirmation than we might acknowledge, and how he views queer life in his home country.

This week's Camp Classic is 'Seven Hills' by While She Sleeps. And while the song's meanings might be immediately and specifically clear, that doesn't stop there being plenty of room to identify queer relevance in Loz Taylor's lyrics – particularly in the areas of solidarity and finding mental resilience within yourself.

And this week's visit to the Hate Crew Gaybar sees the jukebox get new entries in the shape of Modern Escapism by Blanket (which is one Matt's still spinning from last year), and Epigone by Wilderun (which is Tom's first 2022 entry into the jukebox).

Warning: This episode includes (very, very) bad Yorkshire accents.