#79 – Metal's Tacit Homophobia Endorsement Problem

Hell Bent For Metal addresses two recent examples of heavy metal's problem with tacitly endorsing homophobia.

First, Faust plays with Emperor again, this time at a festival in London, and some self-declared allies use social media to say how great the show was without mentioning Faust's hate crime. Tom and Matt explain why this is worse than when they spoke about this before – and why performative allies are so harmful.

In the wake of the anniversary of his death, there have also been a number of articles published remembering the Type O Negative frontman, Peter Steele. Some, as the hosts are quick to point out, were fine. Some others, on the other hand, wax lyrical at length about Steele without mentioning his history of homophobic comments. The hosts run through why this is a not OK.

Plus they still find time to pop to the Hate Crew Gaybar  to update the jukebox with The Blazing Sun, A Fiery Dawn by Slowbleed, and Ash In Realms Of Stone Icons by Tómarúm.

CW: discussion of homophobic language and violence