#53 – Holy Diva

Hell Bent For Metal celebrates when White Ward very recently stood Side By Side with us, and made their stand against homophobia completely clear in as vocal a way as they could. As they're one of the hosts' favourite bands, this one felt personal. In a very, very good way.

The absolutely classic Dio anthem 'Holy Diver' is this week's Camp Classic, as both Tom and Matt immediately agree that it speaks to their queer sides, in many different ways – which leads to a bucketload of digressions about growing up queer.

There's some brief queer metal news regarding Bloodstock and Mastodon.

Plus there's the usual visit to the Hate Crew Gaybar, where this week's picks for the jukebox are Swagger And Stroll  Down The Rabbit Hole by Diablo Swing Orchestra, and Diorama by Møl. And it's safe to say that there has never been less agreement in the bar.