#74 – 2 Camp, 2 Fabulous

It's a double Camp Classic show, where two proggy Nordic tunes both get analysed from a queer perspective. First up, 'Silver Bride' by Finnish death/doom-turned-folk/prog crooners Amorphis gets a multi-angled view. 

hen 'Voices' by Norwegian prog black metallers Borknagar sees Tom and Matt take the same starting point, and then run off in literal opposite directions.

Plus this week's visit to the Hate Crew Gaybar starts with a good natter about the Unto Others show both hosts went to in Leeds (and somehow both survived), before the jukebox gets two new additions. First is Pennyfold Haberdashery & Abattoir Deluxe  by Uncle Woe, and second is Striving Toward Oblivion  by Vorga.