167. Yngvar Ugland & Espen Sande Larsen: Building the bank of the future (IN ENGLISH)

What is the role of a bank in the future? That's exactly what Yngvar Ugland and Espen Sande Larsen are trying to find out. They run the intrapreneurial innovation department NewTechLab within DNB, Norway's biggest bank. With operations in Oslo and San Francisco, they explore how new technologies can be beneficial to the bank's customers, and its expanding ecosystem of services. Yngvar and Espen believe that banks could be our custodians of data in the future, since our private data is a valuable asset. They have also built a self-sustaining fridge, called Smidge. Recorded at Internetdagarna / The Internet Days in Stockholm 2019. Podcast host: Christian von Essen // Learn more at http://www.hejaframtiden.se