Brain-training to win with British endurance motor racing driver Phil Hanson

We speak to British endurance motor racing trailblazer Phillip Hanson. In this conversation we talk to Phillip about he prepares mentally for a racing season, getting himself in the right zone to push through the toughest and demanding moments of endurance racing. We speak in detail too about how Phillip gets race fit, and the hear about his unique fitness regime.

Phil is the youngest Asian Le Mans Series champion (2016-17) and is the youngest European Le Mans Series outright race winner (2018). Phil is also the youngest outright Asian Le Mans Series championship winner (2018-19) and in 2019, became youngest overall top-10 finisher in history of the Le Mans 24 Hours when he claimed ninth place (4th in class).


Host by Tom Rowley

Recorded by Tom Rowley

Edited by Andy Greening

Video by Andy Greening

Directed by Andy Greening and Tom Rowley

Special thanks to Phil Hanson

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