Men's Mental Health Special

This episode contains honest conversations around topics like self-harm, suicide and anxiety which some listeners might find triggering, please decide if it's right for you to listen.With stress and anxiety at an all time high this year, in this special MENtion Health episode of our Healthful podcast, hosted by Matt Johnson @MattJohnsons, our panellists discuss issues surrounding men’s mental health and how we can open up the conversation. TV personality Chris Hughes @ChrisHughesOfficial shares his own journey with anxiety, while LGBTQ+ activist Alexander Leon @Alexand_erLeon discusses how ideas about masculinity can impact on men’s mental health. Dr Amir Khan @DoctorAmirKhan explains why he thinks it can be harder for men to speak out and Stephen Manderson, aka @ProfessorGreen, shares his tips on how to get through the tough days.

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