Dr Neil Modha: We've tailored our workforce to the needs of our population

Do we truly appreciate what is possible when primary care entrepreneurship is unlocked? In this episode, Matthew Taylor goes behind the scenes at Thistlemoor Medical Practice, a pioneering general practice in Peterborough led by Dr Neil Modha. Serving an inner-city population of close to 30,000, the practice has radically evolved its approach to meet local needs. Discover how the practice and wider primary care and system partners are working together to improve population health, reimagine the workforce, redesign pathways and adopt a more proactive approach to care. With the much anticipated workforce plan on the horizon, Dr Modha considers what it must enable and how, on the eve of the Fuller stocktake’s first anniversary, he is putting the principles into reality.

Dr Modha is also clinical director of the Central Thistlemoor PCN, chair of Greater Peterborough Network GP Federation and co-chair of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough ICS North Place Board.

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