Migraine and Acupuncture Part 1

This is the first part of this two-part episode. Part two will be out next week featuring Dr Katy Munro and special guest Dr Mike Cummings, Medical Director of the British Medical Acupuncture Society.

Our hosts Headache Specialist Dr Katy Munro and Dr Jessica Briscoe discuss various evidence-based holistic treatments for the management of migraine. We are also joined by acupuncturist Nicola Court who talks about acupuncture therapy for migraine patients and shares her experiences.

A special thanks to Allie Munro, for giving voice to the story of one of Nicola's patients, sharing their experience with migraine. 

Dr Katy Munro's book 'Managing your Migraine' is an informative and educational read with a lot of information on holistic treatments. The book is available to pre-order from Amazon now https://amzn.to/3yaiu5t

For more information on acupuncture for migraine see the links:

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