Food from the heart, with Skye McAlpine

Things We Talk About In This Episode:
  • The world changed between the time Skye wrote this book and when it was published. We talk about how she faced the challenge of publishing a book about feeding the people you love, when you’re not allowed to be with them. (Spoiler alert: being apart from the people we love makes us value those times we do have together, even more)
  • The creative ways we have responded to lockdown, finding unique (safe) ways to gather, and cooking with limited ingredients
  • How lockdown is impacting our children, but not necessarily in the same way that it is affecting us
  • The positive ways in which lockdown encourages us to pause for meals and enjoy eating together
  • Ready-chopped onions!
  • The difference between simply cooking to one recipe, versus pulling an entire meal together
  • How truly universal food can be (“everyone eats - if we don’t, we die!”) and the myriad cultural, historical and aspirational elements we bring to our cooking that make it so very personal
  • How to set up two kitchens in two different countries
  • Our guilty food confessions
  • And the market for someone to invent a ready-made choux pastry!
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