Connecting to Your Creative Courage, with Maressa Fernandez

Things We Talk About In This Episode:
  • The business idea that grew out of Maressa’s own creative slump
  • How important it is to value creativity (Maressa says it’s the uniqueness that makes us human) even if the people around us - and society in general - don’t recognise the value
  • The challenge of finding the balance on Instagram (and elsewhere) between “what I want to share” and “what people want”
  • Developing an Instagram account that creates space for you to be a whole person, and that can evolve alongside your interests
  • How talking to camera on video became a way for Maressa to make her content more accessible to people with visual and hearing disabilities
  • The way in which Maressa uses her platform to talk about anti-racism, in a way that started out from a need to share and evolved into a process of very personal and vulnerable education
  • Talking to our children about racism (“we need to see colour in order to see privilege”)
  • Maressa’s Patreon space: why she started it, how she structures it, and how creating a paid space enabled Maressa to start valuing herself, and helped members of her community likewise value themselves
  • The difference between consciously selling, versus sharing with genuine excitement about what we are doing
  • Parenting and creativity, and how Maressa models the creative life to her children
Links mentioned in this episode: