Radical contentment, with Jamie Varon

Things We Talk About In This Episode:
  • The many ways for a book to “be successful” that don’t involve writing a New York Times bestseller (who knew?!)
  • Lockdown lessons, and learning to live with uncertainty
  • The surprising weight and reliance that we put on the future, without realising we’re doing it
  • The “ladder of hierarchies” through which we try (and mostly fail) to feel better about ourselves
  • Learning to enjoy the process of making something, more than the reception it receives
  • Drinking the Kool-Aid of never-ending work, productivity, and demonising rest (and this pearl of wisdom: even machines burn out!)
  • And the related delusion we buy into, “I’ve put enough into the world that now I feel worthy”
  • Shame in its many forms, and diet culture
  • Using self-worth as an alternative motivator to shame
  • How to drop the shame (the first step is to start noticing it)
  • Curiosity is the bridge that can take us from shame to self-love
  • And the freedom and curiosity that comes when we finally drop the shame
Links mentioned in this episode (and where to find Jamie):
  • Radically Content is available from 12 April 2022, and can be ordered (or pre-ordered if you’re reading this before 12 April) here
  • Jamie’s website
  • Jamie’s online course on self-trust, “Live with Intention

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