# Hashtag Women

by Dr Shyno Baby Paul,Dr Shyno Baby Paul
Gender diversity are buzz words these days– And paradoxically, this is a problem in the fields of science, technology, arts, humanities or medicine. A Hashtag #genderdiversity on social media is used for everything from issues like salary disparity, lack of women in a position of power, navigating career and motherhood to sexual harassment – These are definitely important issues to address. But the need for more women in science, humanities goes beyond issues of just equality and morals. Hi, I am Shyno B Paul, and the host of #Hashtag Women, a podcast that will bring to you in every episode fresh takes from the world of research that focuses on women issues and research conducted by women with aim of more “gendered innovations”. We feel our world will be better off with more women in labs, clinics, software development, clinical trials, studios, boards and conference rooms.
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