Yearning: An Excess of Phlegm – with John Green (Book 6, Chapter 5)

CW: This week’s voicemail is about the shooting in Dayton, Ohio. If you’d rather skip it, the blessing start around 48:30.

Vanessa and Casper explore the theme of yearning in chapter five of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This week we’re joined by John Green, who tells an opening story about heart-break set in Alaska. Vanessa and Casper discuss Fleur’s feelings in the Burrow, Ron’s adorable bro-iness, and Hermione’s obsession with her grades.Throughout the episode we consider the question: when does yearning help us take action?

Thanks to Colton for this week's voicemail! Next week we’re reading chapter six, Draco’s Detour, through the theme of Stubbornness.

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