Coronavirus: Stay In and Reach Out

Friends, these are scary times and things have been feeling rather uncertain for us at Not Sorry Productions! So much of our revenue is based on travel for pilgrimages and live shows, and we’ve already had to postpone one pilgrimage and cancel two live events. If you want to support us, and have the means, we would be so grateful if you consider becoming a member of our Patreon. We’re doing a lot of number crunching right now, and any amount of support goes a long way towards protecting our staff. And if you sign up now or increase your membership, we’ll read your name at the end of an episode! 

We’ll keep you posted as we figure out what the future of our little podcast company is. We are brainstorming ways to better support you, our community, during this very anxiety producing time. In the meantime, please please take care of yourselves! So many people are feeling very alone in this time of social distancing. Remember to reach out to those you love, take deep breaths, and eat a lot of ice cream. We’ll be back on Thursday with the last chapter of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

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