S2 EP2 - Busted!

Content Warning: This episode includes a reference to rape, lynching and racial slurs.

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Madame Stephanie St. Clair continues to pay a heavy price to search for Michele.
Gabrielle Adkins - Madame Stephanie St. Clair
Ukachi Arinzeh - Countee Cullen
Ian Bell - Dutch Schultz, Charles DuPont
Journey Brown-Saintel - Shirley
D. Rubin Green - Floyd J. Calvin, WEB DuBois, Holstein
Melissa Green - Ruby Washington
Steven Hylton - Bunky
Peter Killy - Lucky Luciano
Jocelyn O'Toole - Ida
Andrietta Sims - Mrs. Glover
Luke Slattery - Manos
Nina Smith - Yolande DuBois, Michele
Special thanks to Emerald Toller
Produced, Written, Edited and Directed by Yhane Smith
Harlem Queen's theme composed and performed by Jason Moran
Sound Designer - Peter Kohl

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