S2 EP3 - Bailed!

Content Warning: This episode includes references to sex-trafficking and racial slurs.

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Michele has to make her way back home. Eugene questions Holstein's motives. Wallace Thurman asks for Madame St. Clair's patronage.
Special Guest Appearance by Brandon Micheal Hall as Wallace Thurman
Gabrielle Adkins - Madame Stephanie St. Clair
Ukachi Arinzeh - Countee Cullen, Announcer
Ian Bell - Dutch Schultz, Charles DuPont, Reynolds
Journey Brown-Saintel - Shirley
D. Rubin Green - Floyd J. Calvin, WEB DuBois, Holstein
Melissa Green - Ruby Washington
Steven Hylton - Bunky
Peter Killy - Lucky Luciano
Isaiah Mueller - Eugene Washington
Jocelyn O'Toole - Ida
Andrietta Sims - Mrs. Glover
Luke Slattery - Manos
Nina Smith - Yolande DuBois, Michele
Errickson Wilcox - Mayor Jimmy Walker
Special thanks to Emerald Toller
Produced, Written, Edited and Directed by Yhane Smith
Harlem Queen's theme composed and performed by Jason Moran
Sound Designer - Peter Kohl

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