S3 EP1 - Rapport

Michele decides to build a rapport with her estranged mother.
Gabrielle Adkins as Stephanie St. Clair, Ian Bell as Dutch Schultz, Journey Brown-Saintel as Ruby and Gwendolyn Bennett, Karen Chmielnicki, Denese Duran as Rita, Joshua Gold as Matteo, Driver and Gunman, Steven Hylton as Bunky and Langston Hughes, Peter Killy as Lucky Luciano, Jocelyn O'Toole as Ida, Luke Slattery as Manos, Nina Smith as Michele Mondesir, Michelle Washington Wilson as Evelyn Carson, Kara Young as Wilhemina. Sound Design by XPerience J. Written, produced, edited, directed by Yhane Washington Smith.
Sound Fx: Epidemic Sound, Freesound.org, 
Bernard Ette Orchester- Wonderful One 
Wendel Scherer-Growing Doubt
Christophe Gorman- As The Days Get Colder
Rannar Sillard- Dramatic Rise
Anthony Earls- Look Twice 

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