Ep48,pt1- Alix Fox - Top 5 Bizarre Sex Toys

Valentine's Day is upon us, so we felt there could be no better guest to feature than Alix Fox and her outstanding decision to list her Top 5 most bizarre sex toys. Definitely the most sexy episode so far, 'too sexy' some might say. Those 'some' being Chris and Stu as Alix gave them a peak behind the curtains on what fun and sometimes very niche appetites people are feeding with their favorite online purchase.

This is one of those unique episodes that combines an unmissable subject matter with a guest who can articulate taboo and sometimes intimate subjects with the wit and finesse of a blackbelt sexpert. Which, indeed is what Alix is...... as well as a writer, journalist, broadcaster, and now Radio 1 host. Jeepers she's a genius. and bloody lovely to boot!

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