Ep38, pt2 - Charles and Big Pappa J - Listener Top 5's & South West Beers

Charles from Love Beer and Stu's best mate Justin, or Big Pappa J visited the Whiff Inn to review some of the lovely beers the South West has to offer and answer listener top 5's, including dream jobs, bicycle mechanic, professional sealant, Santa???

Big Pappa J and Stu are very old friends, and any of the stupid scrapes Stu got into, BPJ was there with him, leading from the front. Mix this with a whip sharp Charles and the concoction of amazing coffee stouts and pineapple flavour beers he brings along and its a recipe for disaster with lots of raucous laughter.

This podcast gets out of control quick. It's effectively a drunkast, it's a three parter and we'd love to try to tell you what actually happens here but no-one can remember.....we think the boys try to score each beer out of 5 whilst recounting all the dumb stuff their miserable lives has made them do, but we're pretty sure BPJ gives the same score for everything.


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