EP54 - Dave Whitney - Top 5 Weirdest Gigs

Born in Aberdeen to a military family, David’s formative years were spent all over the world in various army camps. David went to a military school Gordons in Surrey. Where he learnt the bagpipes and ironically an English accent. The plan was to join the British Army, until the last minute when he chickened out and went to drama school instead. David trained at the Drama Centre at the same time as Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender and Russell Brand.

Fast forward a few years… David is in America, and after telling a string of lies he found himself in a position where he had to perform his first ever stand up comedy gig at the Friars Club in Beverly Hills. He hasn’t looked back, and now regularly plays some of the biggest clubs in the country.

Stu caught Dave's stand-up at Lee Hurst's Local Comedy Club in Grays. He loved Dave's set so invited him on for a Top 5.

As he knew Brett Goldstein, (one of our favorite guests) and had a bunch of weird comedy experiences himself, soooo Dave gave us his own top 5, which may or may not include playing the bagpipes at 90's pop/rock pin-ups wedding....

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