Episode #19 (Part Two) - Ria Lina - Top 5 Dumbest Ways to

Ria is a British comedian, actress, and writer, and a winner of the EMMA. She is known for her television appearances in The World Stands Up and Sweet n Sour on BBC3 amongst others. Prior to her career as a comic, Lina acquired a BSc in Experimental Pathology, an MSc in Forensic Science, and a PhD in Viral Bioinformatics and worked as an IT Forensic Investigator for the Serious Fraud Office.

The boys were introduced to Ria by previous guest Jordan Gray, (check out Jordans epic episode a few weeks back, Top 5 comedians, alive and working), and were very keen to get her on to do a top 5. You have seen the title. Yes its epic. Yes its weird. Its rude and explicit and its a once you get turned on to researching, it can kills hours of fun laughing at others mis-fortune.

This two parter is a barn burner, Ria was very funny, settled right into Chris and Stu's usual mumblingand we get to find out a lot about Stu's taste in movies and his shady sexual deviances.

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