Ep69 - Rowena Alice - Top 5 Final Destination Deaths

We just can't get enough of awesome radio hosts on this podcast, today, is no exception. Rowena had a lot to live up to following her better half Billy Lunn's visit with the boys (Top 5 Life of Brian Quotes) but oh my this is a Top 5 not to be missed. Whether its by decapitation, fire, or double glazing the Final Destination franchise has been making cinema goers scream with gleeful joy for the last 20 years. Rowena goes into why she has such an affection for the series, and of course her favourite deaths.

Yeah, and if you don't know Rowena is a BBC3 and Boogaloo Radio Host, DJ, writer, and entertainment reporter, yes another badass! Go check out her @riotdietshow if you don't believe us.

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