Ep43, pt1 - Johnny - Menswear

In celebration of David Bowie's incredible life, Johnny Dean, from hit Britpop band Menswear decided to pick his top 5 Bowie tracks. Talking about Bowie and his career was a joy, and no better way to celebrate his life.

But the real treat in this episode is talking to Johnny about how he came to be on the front of every magazine in the Britpop era, which he puts down quite frankly to blagging. His story talks of the excesses of that lifestyle, the hustle, the highs and the lows and if this isn't made into a film to rival 24hr party people we're gonna start a riot.

Johnny also talks about his life post Britpop, his late diagnosis of pervasive development disorder and his great work with the National Autistic Society. What a podcast!!!!!

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