Ep35 - Cereal Killer Cafe's Alan Keery - Top 5 Breakfast Cereal

The boys were lucky enough to get an hour with Alan to talk about cereal, the healthy (ok, totally not healthy) cornerstone to many of our childhoods. They go through Alan's top 5, try them all, get sugar rushes but somehow manage to chat about their own favorites and the story behind Cereal Killer which somehow became somewhat controversial...would you believe people have rioted outside the shop? Well they have. Listen in to find out if it was all just over spilt milk. (sorry)

Great ideas are born in the strangest of places. For Alan and Gary Keery it was whilst sat nursing a hangover that they came up with an idea for a place that served cereal exclusively. That idea became an obsession and now Cereal Killer Cafe's are opening up all across the world.....If you like retro breakfast cereal or want to try the new hotness...we'll just leave this here:


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