Ep57,pt2 - Rich Wilson - Top 5 Movie Villains

International comedian Rich Wilson is one of the countries finest comedians and popularly regarded as the UK’s best MC’s by many top comedians, such as Frank Skinner, Richard Herring and Sarah Millican.

Stu saw Rich perform and Chris never heard the end of how funny it was. So to get Stu to shut up, they agreed to have him on the show. Turns out by Chris' own words Rich is a bit of a legend. He's picked a quality top 5, what makes a movie isn't the hero but their opposition and there's so many to choose from! But will Darth Vader show up? Or has Rich gone for easily overlooked ones, only one way to find out!

Oh and we also hear Rich's perspective on a story told be previous guest and fellow comedian Brett Goldstein. The time they totally bombed in Ibiza!!

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