Episode #22 (part three) - Top 5 Crisps featuring Masterchefs Tony Rodd (and Brad!)

Disaster struck a few weeks back when an Oxford students attempt to rank crisps from God Tier to Shit Tier went viral.

Once Chris had nursed Stu out of the catatonic state induced merely by glancing over the students rankings, there was only one thing for it. A proper ranking of crisps. Our favorites, listener favorites and all the ones listed in the students 'attempt'.

The boys needed an expert's opinion so decided to invite over masterchef extraordinaire and previous guest, Tony Rodd to get this mess sorted. It was also filmed for their Youtube channel so they decided to mic up Brad who was recording to get another opinion and for the lolz.

46 bags get devoured. The debate rages. They laugh. They cry. They all now have stomach aches.

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