Ep33,pt2 - Scroobius Pip and the gang - Top 5 Zombie Films.

It's Chris' birthday.....he loves zombies.....and running around with firearms.....a zombie survival experience it is then. Zed Zombie Events courteously invite Chris, Pip, Stu and Carol to get chased around an abandoned shopping mall for 3hrs in Reading. It was ace. This is the car journey up, and what better top 5 than to discuss Top 5 Zombie films.

Interesting fact, Stu's an idiot. You will find out more as you hear his top 5. Luckily Stu's wife Carol was on hand to fill in the blanks as she's a horror fan herself. Chris tries his best to be nice to Carol whilst being rotten to her husband and Pip is there cos he has a car and was up for driving.

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