Episode #13 (Part One) - Brett Goldstein - Top 5 Worst/Weirdest Comedy Gigs

Brett Goldstein is one of the UK's best comics. Whether that be in stand up, acting or screenwriting for films he gets off his arse to make happen himself (Superbob). He's a bloody wealth of talent, annoyingly handsome, and also has the sort of soul you wish you had. The boys think he's a cunt tho.

OK OK they don't. And over the course of hearing about Brett's strange experiences in the world of stand up, which are at points terrifying yet admirable, we're pretty sure you will love him too. Thats if you haven't already figured that out for yourself after watching him in Derek, Hoff The Record, that rap video with Brian Gittins the boys endlessly quote.....blah blah blah yes we get it he's talented.

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