Dr Amanda Gummer in partnership with BBC #AD

When it comes to screens, it's what's on them that counts. A recent campaign from the BBC explores how screens can be a powerful tool for children and families, helping to develop curious, kind, and creative young minds.’ In this week’s episode, Gi is joined by child development expert Dr Amanda Gummer to shed light on how screens can be more than just digital babysitters. Amanda is all in for using screens to kickstart tricky conversations with kids and is a big fan of shows that do more than just entertain, but also nurture our little ones' growing imaginations. Did you know shows such as the BBC’s 'Yakka Dee' and 'Love Monster' were crafted by experts to do just that? It’s not just about keeping them busy — it's about feeding those curious minds, and it turns out, the right content makes all the difference.

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