Poppy Delbridge: Tapping, potential, and dogs

What if instead of New Year New Me, we switched it to New Year More Me? ‘Tapping Queen’ Poppy Delbridge shares a simple way to unlock the potential we already have inside us.


In this chat with Fearne, Poppy talks through the practice of tapping, and how it can help with everything from dealing with phobias, to breaking negative thought patterns, and visualising the future you want. 


They also talk about why acknowledgement and acceptance are big parts of moving forward from your current difficult situation. Plus, there’s a live tapping session to help you go confidently into the new year.


If you want to enjoy the benefits of tapping sign up to the Happy Place App today and discover a range of Poppy’s practices that can help with anything from anxiety to motivation or simply bringing a moment of happiness in your day!  Sign up through App Store or Google Play store.  https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/happy-place-fearne-cotton/id1635145849


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