Jay Shetty

We need to be intentional about finding, and keeping, love in our lives. #1 Sunday Times bestselling author, award-winning podcast host of On Purpose and Chief Purpose Officer of Calm Jay Shetty thinks the purpose of life is to understand how to love ourselves, each other, and the world.


In this chat with Fearne, Jay talks about why he’s fascinated by the place where ancient wisdom meets modern science; it’s at this intersection that he believes the rules of love lie. They also talk about why we might have to put ourselves in uncomfortable situations in order to find the greatest self-love – we have to recognise the tough things we’ve experienced in order to find confidence and pride.


Jay's second book, ‘8 Rules of Love’ is available to buy at 8RulesofLove.com and wherever books are sold.


To catch Jay on his first ever world tour 'Love Rules', in Glasgow, Salford, Birmingham and London from May 19-24, go to JayShettyTour.com for tickets and VIP Packages. 


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