Episode 11: My Family Discusses Legacy at Thanksgiving

After my last episode, I didn’t have any immediate plans for which interview to broadcast next. I always had these interviews in my back pocket with my brother, mom and dad that I recorded two years ago when my family was last together for Thanksgiving. At that time, it was before the birth of the Happily Ever After podcast and I was desperately searching for the meaning of life without children. I started questioning the importance of legacy with anyone who would engage with me, because once I started realising that I might not have children of my own, I began suffering an existential crisis as I battled thoughts that revolved around WHAT IS THE MEANING OF IT ALL, THEN!? So you will hear some archived interviews with my dad John, mom Joanne and brother Adam, which are a little bit amateur on my part, with some background noise and so on…I mean, there was a family Thanksgiving going on, after all. After the break you’ll hear a couple of current interviews with my sister Bethany and my brother in law Gordon which are SUPER professional because I have had ten episodes to practice!


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