Episode 12: A Chat With Al Ford About Childlessness, Sobriety, and Gratitude At Christmas

I recorded this interview with Al, a very close friend of both my husband and myself. I met Al when I moved over to London from Los Angeles, about 12 years ago and he immediately felt like family. Because Al was single at the time, he, Robin and I used to get together on a Sunday, watch a movie or an episode of Planet Earth, eat a massive roast dinner and drink our body weights in wine. Since then, Robin and I have gotten married and had our struggles with miscarriages, Al has lived in Hong Kong, then moved back, then got himself sober, got together with the love of his life and got married. I am really grateful that Al was up for chatting to me because I asked him some pretty obtrusive questions about all of it.  Tune in for episode 13 in which I speak with Al's wife Jo.  They are a spectacular couple.  Please e-mail with any comments, or if you have a story to tell yourself at reachhappilyeverafter@gmail.com. You can also find me at www.happilyeveraftercoach.com, on Patreon, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter if you search happilyeverafterpodcast.