Bonus: Appendix Trial Tapes 4

The fourth and final recordings we have from the Arms Trial. Taking place on the morning of October 20th 1970, this is the unedited courtroom tape recording of the closing address to the jury by Niall McCarthy, Charlie Haughey’s Barrister. A masterclass in how to address a jury, Niall McCarthy argues that Charles Haughey should be acquitted. And the defence was successful - Haughey, along with the others accused, was found innocent. Appendix episodes publish daily (June 14-17th 2021). Companion TV documentary to this series, also titled GunPlot, is now available via the RTÉ TV Player (Worldwide)


GunPlot was written, recorded and produced by Ronan Kelly and Nicoline Greer.

Sound Design by Damian Chennells

Production assistance from the RTÉ Documentary On One Team.

Special thanks to all our contributors, and to the RTÉ Design, Marketing, Online and Creative Audio departments.

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