Rebroadcast | EP#63 Ray Kloss from Cisco: How to Lead a Successful APAC Marketing Team

In this episode, host Shahin Hoda chats with Ray Kloss, Director of Brand Marketing for APJC at Cisco, about how diversity within the region impacts marketing and what can marketers do to set themselves up for success.

During this interesting conversation, Ray talks about the importance of having an “insider” from every culture to help make better marketing and hiring decisions.

He also shares some valuable advice on mentoring, having a local network and managing the APAC region, specifically India and Japan, by citing stories from his personal experience. 

Ray is a seasoned B2B marketer with over two decades of experience across all aspects of enterprise software and technology, including sales, marketing, ecosystems & channels, and delivery.

He has successfully led major projects across North America, Greater China, Southeast Asia, India, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

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