Rebroadcast | EP#65 Leandro Perez from Salesforce: Leandro Perez from Salesforce: Marketing Leadership Post-COVID

In this episode, host Shahin Hoda chats with Leandro Perez, Vice President, Asia Pacific Marketing at Salesforce, about how he manages his team and executive stakeholders in the post-COVID world. 

Leandro stresses the importance of empathising with employees’ situations while working on a project. He also shares his approach to boosting employee morale and ensuring proper upskilling of his team.

Furthermore, he talks about how he aligns his KPIs with that of the business when it comes to marketing and the internal communication structures that he has established for providing visibility on all marketing efforts to stakeholders outside of the marketing teams.

Leandro leads marketing across the Asia-Pacific region for Salesforce. Previously at Salesforce, he led the global corporate messaging team, responsible for crafting and disseminating the Salesforce corporate narrative to 50,000 employees and millions of customers globally each year.

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