Tim Beveridge: How to Choose Between an Agency or Client-Side Role

Shahin chats with Tim Beveridge, Founder and CEO of Modern Marketing Group and CMO of Versent about whether you should choose an agency role or work on the client side.

Tim is an innovative and commercially focused marketing consultant with 20+ years of experience helping deliver consumer centric and profitable growth. His experiences include leveraging his skills through digital experience agencies, creative advertising agencies, MarTech businesses, media agencies, and client-side roles across almost every category of B2B and B2C marketing.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

For starting out in your marketing career, Tim recommends:

Midway through your career:

  • Get an MBA at a good school (MBS or AGSM) - don’t let the finances scare you away


Later in your career:

  • Network - the best resource you could have

Although there is no set playbook, they can still be helpful as long as you don’t get distracted by the tactics, focus on strategy. Tim recommends:

Some of Tim’s influencers in the marketing space include:

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